SH5K-20 Residential Hybrid Inverter


  • Integrated optimised energy management system, battery usage strategies and smart home load control
  • Energy trading ready with external EMS to maximise payback on your investment
  • Monitoring via smartphone or laptop, providing email reports and alerts.For new and existing systems.

  • Backup for essential loads in the event of a grid interruption or blackout
  • Integrated high-frquency isolated battery charge/discharge circuit
  • Protection rating at IP65 (dust-proof and water-proof)


  • For both new installation and retrofitting solar systems 
  • Compatible with both lithium-ion and leadacid batteries


  • Easy commissioning and customisable settings via LCD
  • Auto-identification of lithium-ion batteries
  • One-click firmware update via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, easy for maintenance and management

Technical Data

PV Input Data

Max. PV input power

6500 W

Max. PV input voltage

600 V

Startup voltage

125 V

Nominal input voltage

350 V

MPP voltage range

90 V–560 V

MPP voltage range for nominal power

210 V–480 V

No. of MPPTs


Max. number of PV strings per MPPT


Max. PV input current

22 A (11 A / 11 A)

Max. current for input connector

24 A (12 A / 12 A)

Short-circuit current of PV input

24 A (12 A / 12 A)

AC Input and Output Data

Max. AC input power

3000 W

Nominal AC output power

4990 W

Nominal AC output current

21.6 A

Max. AC output apparent power

5000 VA

Max. AC output current

21.7 A

Nominal AC voltage

230 Vac

AC voltage range

180 Vac–276 Vac (this may vary with grid standards)

Nominal grid frequency

50 Hz

Grid frequency range

45 Hz–55 Hz (this may vary with grid standards)

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

< 3% (of nominal power)

DC current injection

< 0.5% (of nominal current)

Power factor

> 0.99 at default value at nominal power, (adj. 0.8 overexited/leading–0.8 underexited/lagging)

Backup Data

Nominal voltage

230 Vac (± 2%)

Total hamonic factor output voltage

2% (full resistive load)

Frequency range

50 Hz (± 0.2%)

Switch time to emergency mode

3 s

Power factor

0.8 overexited/leading–0.8 underexited/lagging

Max. output power

5000 W / 5000 VA

Max. output power (battery)

3000 W / 3000 VA

Battery Data

Battery type

Li-ion battery / Lead-acid battery

Battery voltage

48 V (32 V–70 V)

Max. charge / discharge current

65 A / 65 A

Mechanical Data

Dimensions (W×H×D)

457 mm × 515 mm ×170 mm

Mounting method

Wall-mounting bracke


22 kg


Anti-islanding protection


AC short circuit protection


Leakage current protection


DC fuse (battery)


DC switch (solar)


Overvoltage category

III [Main], II [PV] [Battery]

System Data

Max. efficiency


Max. European efficiency


Max. charge/discharge efficiency


Isolation method (solar)


Isolation method (battery)


Ingress protection rating


Operating ambient temperature range

-25 to 60 (>45 derating)

Relative humidity range


Cooling method

Nature convection

Max. operating altitude

2000 m


Graphic LCD


2 × RS485, Wi-Fi (optional), CAN, Ethernet

Analogue input


Power management

1 × Digital Output

Earth alarm

1 × Digital Output, email, buzzer inside

PV connection type


AC connection type

Clamping yoke connector


AS4777, IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2, IEC62477-1, IEC 62040-1, EN 61000-6-1/-3

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