Sungrow warranty claim procedure

If an end user, retailer or anyone has a concern with our inverter, they should contact us for assistance. Usually, the Sungrow technical support department is able to resolve concerns. However, if in rare instances where we diagnose an issue with our product and thus deem that it needs to be replaced, then the warranty claim process needs to be followed, as detailed below.

* Sungrow service centres are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and the Sunshine Coast (as of 09/2016). All of our service centres, contractors and many installers are available on a map here.
† Find a local CEC accredited installer on the above map.

Please provide the photos that are requested in the warranty claim, if you have not already done so. Provide a photo showing the inverter type and serial number (shown on the side of the inverter). Please also provide a photo showing the LCD screen showing the status if the status does not show that it is running. If the inverter is on, you can tap or press any button to light up the LCD and it will show the home screen showing the status.

Please provide the customer's name, address, phone number and email address. We use these details to notify the customer of the delivery, as well as to send a survey for feedback, and to follow up with the survey if necessary.

We will advise to lodge a warranty claim form if a product is faulty, emailing it to

After a claim is approved, we will provide:
  • a warranty reference, which should be used for efficient processing of enquiries related to the case; and
  • a tracking number and delivery details.

After the inverter is replaced, the installer should take the original inverter back to his/her office (do not leave it with the end customer). Please contact Sungrow to return the faulty inverter within two weeks, otherwise charges may apply.

The process for service reimbursement is as follows:

1. Sungrow will arrange the pickup to collect the inverter back. Please send us an email to arrange the pickup (you must include the case reference and the pickup time and address).

2. Fill out the Sungrow service rebate form and service report and send to us. (Failure to provide full information may delay the process of payment.)

Please note that it is the claimant's responsibility to obtain and provide all information. Sungrow will not directly contact the end user to retrieve any information. The claim cannot be processd until information is complete. Failure to provide full information may delay the warranty process.